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API documentation, getting started guides, and more for Alchemy's developer platform and API for the Crypto.org chain.

Alchemy Developer Platform for Crypto.org

Alchemy provides access to API endpoints for developers building on the Crypto.org chain. We provide full node access and management, allowing you to easily make requests to the Crypto.org chain, as well as dashboard tools for debugging and monitoring.

There are two different testnets for the Crypto.org chain as well as two different endpoints to query them: Tendermint and gRPC.

Mainnet vs. Croeseid

Crypto.org offers two networks for their chain: Mainnet and Croeseid (testnet). Both offer the same API methods using Tendermint or gRPC. The difference is the URL endpoint:

Tendermint-RPC API

API documentation for methods that follow the Tendermint-RPC protocol, see the official Crypto.org Tendermint documentation for more details.

pageTendermint-RPC API


API documentation for methods that follow the gRPC-REST protocol, see the official Crypto.org gRPC documentation for more details.


Getting Started

Not sure how to get started? Check out our getting started guide below!

pageGetting Started

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